What is Wellbeings X-Training?

Wellbeings X-Training reads as ‘Wellbeings Cross-Training’ because we offer more than one way to get fit!  Our focus is on regular fitness training for individuals who want to embed exercise into their daily routines. Our primary modes of training are through swimming and running and we also offer individual programs for those who are working towards triathlons, marathons, trail running and open-water swimming events.

Our Focus


We offer two types of running workouts each week. On Wednesday morning the focus is on running intervals.  The Friday run session is more continuous in nature and can be done as a run-walk while you build your fitness or as a tempo run once you have a solid base.

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We have two swim squad training sessions during the week. Our usual base is Claremont Aquatic Centre where we make use of three lanes. This way we can cater for all levels of experience and fitness. Our focus is on improving your efficiency in the water whilst building swim fitness. You are guaranteed to find our swim training sessions fun and challenging. Swim for health and fitness, or prepare for multi-sport events or one of the many open water swims on offer through the summer months.

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Individual Programs

We offer individual training programs based on your goals, your time schedule and your physiology. This includes coaching consultations and personalised heart rate, pace and power training zones.

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How to get involved

Our training schedule has been developed to suit those with busy timetables. We have classes before work four days a week, as well as social swims and runs on the weekends.
To discuss your fitness goals, or to book in for training, drop me a line via carol@wellbeings.com.au






Swim Squad

5:30 am 

Claremont Aquatic Centre, 12 Davies Rd 


Run Intervals

5:45 am 

Floreat Oval,

Oceanic Drive


Swim Squad

5:30 am

Claremont Aquatic Centre, 12 Davies Rd 


Run: easy OR tempo

5:45 am 

Cambridge Council, Bold Park Drive, Floreat 


Sunday Fun Day

Open water swim or run and breakfast.

7:00 a.m.